Linda Makenzie

Dear Gurpal, I am grateful for your passion, dedication and professionalism .your tireless work even at odd hours and weekends was examprelary. You provided a humane touch to the complex legal issues. Thanks .

Parry Kaura

Very professional services at genuine price, you can always trust Mr Singh for reliable and quality services.

Ami Yang

Great service. Respectable and ethical lawyers. Mr. Singh helped me in Commercial litigation and saved me from going down the bankruptcy. Highly recommended.

Gavyn McAnderson

Good handling and great results for the share-holding dispute with high stakes, clear direction and advice. Gurpal is knowledgeable, clear and responsive to all related issues without delay. Will use time and again. Keep going SSS Lawyers.

Ray Wyn

Great local community lawyer, supporting our local community so many years with professionalism, caring and listening the problems, creating solution for clients, to get fairness trial, till the jobs get done for respective clients.

Mandeep Gill

Mr.Gurpal Singh is best professional lawyer and a nice person as well. When I discussed my case with him, he told me clearly that I will handle your case only if it is genuine. I like his straightforwardness. He gave me best legal advice. He solved my case, when I was not even in Australia and was in India at that time. So I will highly recommend him. Thanks a lot sir with respect.

Divjyot Sandhu

Mr. Gurpal Singh is the best Lawyer, a through professional, who works for clients day and night till he wins the case. Had wonderful experience with him. Not only his performance in COURTS IS GOOD but he renders BEST LEGAL ADVICE.

Bunny Dhillon

Great services for Federal Circuit Court – Immigration, Bankruptcy and Family. Used more than one time. Care and respect.

Nandita Saha

Mr. Singh handled the complex financial matters and child custody matter for me. I received proper attention to my case. Was able to dig out the monies and investments of AUD 500,000 hidden by my ex-husband in addition to get control of ownership changes in the business structure. Great result. Also got favorable order for my child’s primary residence. Appreciate the work.

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